Sunday School

Sunday School

At St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church we strive to give our youth, the future of our Church, the best education possible as it pertains to the Orthodox faith.  Fr. Demetrios, our teachers, and parents are dedicated to giving our children and students a comprehensive and applicable understanding of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian in today's society.  They will learn about the Feasts of the Church, lessons on the Bible, and how to pray and become better Orthodox Christians.  Our teachers use contemporary methods to create a classroom of fun and learning, while maintaining the suggested curriculum of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  

Our students and their families are encouraged to arrive to Divine Liturgy every Sunday promptly at 10am to worship and pray together as a family.  Our Sunday School classes begin every week at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy.  Class time is approximately 30-45 minutes long, and children can join their parents in coffee hour after their class has concluded.

Our Sunday School director is Ms. Evgenia Kotroni and our assistant director is Miss Sophia Panagos.  If you have any questions concerning Sunday School you my contact Ms. Kotroni at 631.704.2603, or you may call our church office for further information.

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